Rewarding Visits

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Rewarding Visits

What is Rewarding Visits?

Rewarding Visits helps you to find great local offers, on your phone, online or at a Touchpoint in town. Its free to join, simply pick up and register any card displaying the Rewarding Visits logo.

How does it Work?

Anyone can use Rewarding Visits, it’s easy.

Just scan your Card or App at your local Touchpoint to find the offers near you. When you see a deal you want, just touch it to print a Voucher.

Some individual retailers use Rewarding Visits to power their own loyalty schemes, just show your Card or App in store whenever you make a qualifying purchase.

Is there an App for my Mobile?

Yes, the free Rewarding Visits App makes it easy to check out nearby deals and places to go, when on the move.

Available for Apple and Android devices, search for ‘Rewarding Visits’ in Google Play or the Apple App Store to download.

Where do I find participating retailers?

You can see participating retailers and their offers at any local Touchpoint or visit Places to Go on the Rewarding Visits App and website.

Where can I see the Terms & Conditions?

Click here for the full set of Terms and Conditions.

Can my town or business join Rewarding Visits?

Absolutely. Why not check out our Business section for more details and to apply.

How do I get in Touch?

Just drop us a line with your card number and contact details. We'll get right back to you.

Is it free to use?

Yes, Rewarding Visits Membership is completely free.

My Account

How do I join Rewarding Visits?

Pick up any card showing the Rewarding Visits Logo or download the free Rewarding Visits App. Its quick and easy to register, just follow the instructions on your Card or App.

Cards are available at any participating retailer or near any Touchpoint. To download the App, just search ‘Rewarding Visits’ on your app store.

Why do I need to Register?

Registration means we can show you the most local and relevant offers. Some offers are available on a ‘one-per-customer’ basis and some are earned for repeated visits.

I have not received my Activation Email, what can I do?

The email is automatically sent the moment you register, followed by a reminder email a day later. All you need to do is click the link in either email to activate your account.

It is worth checking your spam or junk folders as occasionally such emails can end up there. If you have no luck just email with your name and card number and we will activate it manually for you.

How do I add a card or replace a lost card?

Don’t worry it’s easy to add another card, just pick up a new one from any participating retailer.

To add it to your account, sign in online with your email and password and visit My Cards to enter the card number. There’s no need to sign up again!

How can I update my contact details?

Just log into My Account on the Rewarding Visits website and click on My Details.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

To unsubscribe from marketing emails, just click the unsubscribe link in the footer of every email. Please be aware this means you will miss being notified about the latest deals and offers from your community or retailer.

How do I cancel my Membership?

You may cancel at any time, just contact us by email with your card number and personal details.

Touchpoints and Vouchers

What is a Touchpoint?

A Touchpoint is a self-service kiosk that shows local offers and allows you to print Vouchers whilst you are in town. Touchpoints are free to use. It’s really simple, just scan your Rewarding Visits Card or App to start!

Touchpoints are already being installed in a number of town centres. If you want one for your community, please get in touch.

How do I find a Touchpoint?

Check the map on the Rewarding Visits website.

How long does a Voucher last?

Every offer is unique! The offer expiry date is printed on every Voucher, please check it carefully.

What happens if my Voucher has expired?

Every Voucher has a different expiry date, please check it carefully to make sure you use it before then.

I have lost my Voucher; can I print another?

In most cases yes, but on the following day. As long as the offer is still available, simply visit any Touchpoint and print another voucher as normal.

Offers earned for repeated visits, one-per-customer offers etc, can only be printed once.

How often do offers change?

It depends on the retailer. There are loads of great regular offers for Rewarding Visits members, but some are only available for a special period or have a limited quantity.

Check the App at home or visit the Touchpoint when you are in town.

Can I use more than one Voucher per Transaction?

Only one Voucher can be used per transaction, unless the Voucher states otherwise.

I have seen a business that is no longer trading, why is it still appearing?

We rely on our partner communities and retailers to contact us with any changes. If you are aware of any business that is no longer trading, please contact us.

Are Vouchers transferable?

No, Vouchers can only be used by the Cardholder. Some retailers may ask to see your Rewarding Visits Card or App for verification.

However as Rewarding Visits is completely free, it is easy for anyone to set up their own account.